Cloud Computing and its features

  • Storage, Backup, knowledge retrieval
  • E-mail
  • Creating and testing apps
  • Analyzing knowledge
  • Audio and video streaming
  • Delivering package on demand
  • Cloud computing is widely employed by organizations, tiny businesses, nonprofits to government agencies, etc.
  • Clients would be able to access their applications and information from a place at any time. they might access the cloud ADPS exploitation any pc connected to the net. the information would not be confined to a tough drive on one user’s pc or maybe a corporation’s internal network. It might bring hardware prices down.
  • Corporations that consider computers have to make certain they need the correct code in situ to realize goals. Cloud computing systems provide these organizations company-wide access to pc applications. the businesses do not have to shop for a collection of code or code licenses for each worker. Instead, the corporate might pay a metered fee to a cloud computing company.
  • Servers and digital storage devices take up house. Some firms rent physical houses to store servers and databases as a result of they do not have it accessible on websites. Cloud computing offers these firms the choice of storing information on somebody else’s hardware, removing the necessity for a physical house on the face.
  • Corporations may economize on that support. efficient hardware would, in theory, have fewer issues than a network of heterogeneous machines and operative systems.
  • If the cloud ADP’s backside could be a grid computing system, then the shopper might profit from the whole network’s process power. Often, scientists and researchers work with calculations thus complicated that it’d take years for individual computers to finish them. On a grid ADPS, the shopper might send the calculation to the cloud for the process. The cloud system would faucet into the processing power of all accessible computers on the rear finish, considerably rushing up the calculation.



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Ashwin Kumar Ramaswamy

Ashwin Kumar Ramaswamy


Young tech fellow having interest to work on tech domains likes Software development, Digital Marketing. Passionate in Technical Writing and Public Speaking.